Post #1 Resident Evil 1 – Spectrum Next

17th September 2022

The ZX Spectrum Next is an updated and enhanced version of the original Sinclair Spectrum computer. Faster, and with much more RAM, an initial Kickstarter saw thousands of Nexts delivered across the world. There is a second Kickstarter which secured funding currently battling through chip shortage issues to get the next Next out to backers.

I spent a lot of time programming a text-only NFL simulation on the original Spectrum in the late 80s/early 90s which I marketed by mail order. More info about Endzone here). And my first Spectrum Next was to enhance the program to take advantage of the Spectrum Next’s capabilities.

Having done, and with COVID lockdowns giving lots of time for the Spectrum, I was on the lookout for a new programming project. A text-only adventure game seemed a good idea, and an even better idea was to work on a game engine for it without having to also work on the game itself…

So I decided to have a go at developing a text-only version of the original Resident Evil 1 game. It’s a game I have fond memories of, and also have the benefit of a son with an enyclopedic knowledge of all Resident Evil games.

Here’s a short video of the opening of the game I made some months ago. If you know Resident Evil 1, you’ll remember that the opening of the game is a series of ‘cinematics’ rather than game play, so in the clip below it’s a text only version of those cinematics (f you get my drift) . It’s a screen grab from an emulator, and the quality of display and sound isn’t anywhere as near as good as on the Next.

For more info email me mark@ and with the domain name of the website after the @